Plants, Bugs, and Soils
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4-H Presentation Program

4-H Presentation Program

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Presentations give youth the chance to explore stories about plants, soils and bugs that interest them! Stalk the elusive, parasitic piratebush, grow your own hobbit house, create a collection of soil crayons from across the state, the possibilities are limitless!

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The North Carolina 4-H Presentation Program gives youth the chance to explore and share topics that really interests them.

* Do you have soil erosion on your favorite hiking trail?
* How would you grow peanuts to make peanut butter?
* Why don’t tomatoes survive North Carolina winters? Or can they?
* Why do stinkbugs stink?

There are many opportunities to present these ideas in your local county, district-wide, at state congress and even in some cases on a national level!  For more specifics on regulations and guidelines visit the state 4-H website.  Click on the presentation header for presentation guidelines as well as some topic starters for a presentation.

Bugs and Bees
• Build an insect collection
• Show how an assassin bug sucks its prey
• Demonstrate the metamorphosis of swallowtail butterfly
• Extract honey from a hive
Crop Production and Utilization
• Create a corn maze to get lost in
• Research biofuels using corn, sweet potatoes or other important NC crops
• Create a permaculture garden
• Scout a local farm and inventory the pests present

Horticulture Production & Marketing*
• Determine strategies for selling organic flowers at a farmer’s market
• Grow the flowers for the farmer’s market and sell them
• Collect and propagate seed of native wildflowers in your area
• Tour a tissue culture lab and learn about micropropagation

• Make a secret garden hideaway
• Build a self-sufficient treehouse with hydroponic containers
• Create an edible landscape for your school
• Evaluate the best beans for a teepee

Artistic Arrangement*
• Design edible place favors
• Create a corsage for your favorite person using herbs
• Make a wreath using all natural materials
• Build a fairy crown using leaves from your favorite plant

Soil, Water and the Environment
• Build a hiking trail through a carnivorous bog
• Map soil erosion in your neighborhood
• Float a boat after it rains to find the stormwater runoff pathway
• Build a groundwater pollution model

*Winners participating in the marked categories are eligible to attend the annual National Junior Horticultural Association’s convention. Winners in the categories Peanut Foods and Fruit & Vegetable Use are also eligible. See the 4-H Awards Handbook for more information.

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