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Plant Geek Pledge

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1. I promise to graze in the garden at any given opportunity
2. I promise to really really love my plants by talking to them a lot about everything, even singing my favorite song to give them lots of Carbon Dioxide
3. I promise to sink my toes into the soft earth and sing “Dirt Made My Lunch”
4. I will always hug a tree, especially on cloudy days when they need the extra love.
5. I will dance like a honeybee and try to show other bees where the best nectar is.
6. I promise to sniff many plants even at the risk of finding one that smells like dirty gym socks
7. I promise to ask questions and wonder about things like, why is gardening so much fun?
8. I promise to whisper secrets to the snapdragons and share the secret with others.
9. I promise to take a 5 second nap anytime I touch the velvety leaves of a lamb’s ear.
10. I promise to laugh when I tickle a sensitive plant and fold up my leaves too.

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